Why You Need A Lounge Area At Your Wedding Reception

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes. The reception is often where the bride and groom’s style can shine. The reception is where everyone relaxes and celebrates the couple’s new union and their families. This personalized impression is why the reception is critical and takes so much planning to get right. Whether the reception is at a public park or in the backyard, the furniture is crucial. The furniture at the wedding reception makes the lounge area where everyone has the opportunity to have a great time.

The Furniture Matters

While the venue sets the location and stage for your wedding, its furniture stylizes it. The decor in the venue can be anything the couple chooses. The furniture is a significant creative aspect of this design. The furniture can transform a space into a comfortable or formal area. Some venues may even come with some furniture included, like an oversized couch. Still, that couch can be accentuated with an added table or rug to tie the whole area together.

Designing Your Lounge

The lounge that you create depends on the furniture you choose. The parameters of the wedding help dictate the furniture choices. Is the wedding formal or Hawaiian shirt casual? Is it a large group or an intimate party? Using these factors as guidelines, anything within them is possible for furniture. The color, style, and amount can all be adjusted to make the reception areas into whatever you envision. It is best to choose a style that matches the wedding theme overall and select a variety of lounge furniture that best fits it.

Bring It All Together

Wedding furniture should also be functional. Although a sizable elegant couch may be necessary for seating, it may also look out of place in a park setting. This awkwardness can be easily remedied by adding the proper rug to create a cozy but elegant seating area centered around the couch.


Using hand-picked furniture, any area can be made into something more unique and personal. A reasonably formal or bland-colored venue can become a whimsical party area using brightly colored chairs. A plain outdoor field can become a magical garden with adornments such as vintage birdcages or elegant candle holders. Lighting can also be used to add to a space. String lights can turn an area outside a barn into a romantic lounge or an exciting dance area.

Rent It

Wedding furniture for the reception is expensive. It also doesn’t make sense to buy furniture for a one-time occasion that may get ruined depending on the weather or party. That’s why Art of the Event offer rental wedding reception furniture. They have various options, including styles and colors that can create any wedding reception look. They even offer rental lights and unique decor light vintage books to ensure the recipient has the look and feel you imagine. Contact us today to rent lounge furniture for your reception or help with planning and design. Give us a call at 781-670-9292

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