Winter Wonder-Glam: Five Fantastic Approaches to Holiday Parties


A corporate holiday party is a perfect opportunity to strengthen relationships and show appreciation for your hard-working employees. Holiday parties foster better friendships, office culture, and improve team building!

While popular holiday party themes like Winter Wonderland Land and Rustic Holiday Lodge are always a good go-to, there are so many more options to explore!  Here are five trendy ideas to consider:

  • Interactive Events – Interactive experiences foster team bonding, essential to keeping staff morale high. Creative group activities also make for terrific icebreakers amongst people who haven’t interacted much previously. Divide attendees into groups and have them make something together- specialty drinks for a sip and stir, fun food crafts, and Holiday cards are all welcome ideas. Artistic endeavors such as group mural coloring and interactive graffiti walls are right on trend in 2016.
  • Charitable Team Bonding – A charitable twist on the above and the perfect gift for the holidays – have your teams pitch in to create a needed donation. Call or have your planner call local charities to see what’s needed and allowed at local shelters, food banks or other non-profits.  Build-a-Bike, Build-a-Bear and care packages of toiletry products can make for fun team building activities that make attendees feel great, and companies do something good for the community all at the same time!
  • Games, Games, and more Games – Pop-a-shot, air hockey, corn hole, pool, Xbox games  – you name it – a series of games placed around your venue or corporate offices will get your guest’s blood pumping! Having games within reach makes group interaction inevitable and a lot of fun. Casino games paired with red carpet and light decor are a perennial favorite!
  • Glam Themes – A modern twist on the classic Winter wonderland, Glamorous themed events make all attendees feel like VIPs. Mix in a step-and-repeat where your VIPs can be seen, photographed, and take the instant photos as a party favor! Add sparkling pillows to lounges and shimmering decor on tables for an upscale look. Full Glam theme decor such as Hollywood and Masquerade put a creative twist on the typical holiday party, sure to create a night to remember!
  • Whisk them away – Pull up the party buses and limos and go out for a night on the town!  A surprise show or sporting event lifts everyone’s spirits. Dinner prior to or a fun after party with desserts will give them time to further enjoy each other’s company.

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