This Is Not Your Ordinary Holiday Party

It’s that time of year again, invitations are piling in for company, client and personal holiday parties. The invitations are no doubt festive and inviting. Yet, they form your expectations to find yourself at another traditional holiday party boasting predictable decor – gold and silver hues, string lights here and there, garland trim and scents of balsam and pine. While this stirs your emotions and gets you in the “spirit of the season,” your thoughts wander elsewhere. Do all holiday parties need to consist of the same conventional theme?

The answer is …they absolutely do not! Why not try a non-traditional theme this season? Why not excite guests with an unexpected environment? At Art of the Event we love to think outside the box and feed the imagination of our clients. With our in-house design and fabrication teams, there are no limits to what we can build for you.

So, we got creative this year!

Enchanted Forest – An Archway sheathed with leaves and vines welcomes you into a secret, enchanted forest. Hanging gardens transform the ceiling and table tops are adorned with standing chandeliers and eye-catching floral arrangements. A mixture of candles and lighting effects create a captivating and intimate atmosphere for you and your guests.


Candyland – Evoke the child within you this holiday season with a real life game of Candyland. Transform your event space to embody the Rainbow Trail. Greet guests with a ginger bread man in the Peppermint Forest and dazzle them with a life-sized Lolli Pop Forest. Of course, let’s not forget the King Candy bar!


Rustic Lodge – It doesn’t get more inviting than a cozy, rustic lodge. Whether your guests would prefer to gather around a stone fireplace and sip on hot toddies, or embrace the energy of a bustling ski resort, you are sure to impress with this combination of indoor and outdoor elements. Top off your decor with mountain trail signs, evergreens and fake snow and you have a quintessential seasonal event.


At Art of the Event we take our clients’ visions and make them a reality. Each event is different and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver just that, unique, hand-crafted decor guaranteed to look the part. It’s not too late to start planning your holiday party this season and Art of the Event is here to help you every step of the way.

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