Main Ways To Fill A Large, Empty Event Space

Creating an engaging and visually captivating atmosphere is essential for the success of any event, and this begins with effectively filling large empty spaces. Whether you’re organizing a corporate conference, a wedding, a trade show, or any other gathering, transforming a vast, open area into a dynamic and inviting environment is pivotal. This guide will explore many creative and practical ways to fill those expansive, blank canvases at events. From innovative decor concepts and immersive technology to the strategic placement of furnishings, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive toolkit to breathe life into vast spaces and leave a lasting impression on your attendees. This blog will explore the benefits and the best ways to fill an ample event space.

Event Type

Start by determining the type of event you’re hosting. Is it a conference, trade show, wedding, concert, art exhibit, or something else? The event type will dictate the setup and decor.

Decor and Theming

Decorate the space with your event’s theme or purpose. Consider using banners, signage, lighting, and props to create an immersive atmosphere.

Furniture and Seating

Rent or bring appropriate furniture and seating for your event. This could include tables, chairs, lounge areas, and more. Make sure there’s enough seating for your expected attendees.

Food and Beverage

Consider catering or setting up food and beverage stations. Depending on the event, you can offer a full meal, snacks, or drinks.


Book entertainment, such as live bands, DJs, magicians, or other performers, to engage your attendees and create a memorable experience.

Activities and Workshops

Plan activities or workshops to keep attendees engaged and informed. These can be an integral part of conferences, expos, and festivals.


Seek out sponsors who can help cover the event’s costs and, in return, gain visibility and branding opportunities. They might also have creative ideas to fill the space.

Benefits Of Filling A Large Event Space

Filling a sizeable empty event space can benefit event organizers and attendees. Here are some of the advantages:


Large event spaces provide flexibility in terms of layout and design. Organizers can create a custom setup that suits the event’s specific needs, whether a wedding, conference, trade show, or concert.

Networking Opportunities

With more space, attendees have more significant opportunities to network and interact with one another, fostering connections and collaboration.

Enhanced Production Values

Larger spaces allow for more significant production elements, such as grand stage setups, impressive lighting and sound systems, and large screens or displays, enhancing the overall event experience.

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