Large and in Charge: How to Decorate a Large Venue for an Event

Decorating a large venue for an event, whether it is a corporate event or wedding, is the perfect opportunity to think outside the box. It’s important to consider the entire space, don’t leave any area unnoticed. Large venues offer you the chance to really use a space creatively, but they can be overwhelming! Here’s our top ten checklist for decorating large venues:

1. Make A Good First Impression: The entryway will be the first thing your guest see. This is your first blank canvas. Consider adding some visual drama by creating a draped or column lined hall leading up to a grand entrance. The added element of anticipation will get guests excited! Archways, plants, and lights add beauty and depth to entrances.

2. Divvy It Up: Incorporating a variety of lounge areas, with different shapes and styles, is a great way to design the space. Having an assortment of seating and table options will help break up the emptiness and really transform the venue.

3. Be Natural: Find clever ways to use florals and greenery. Floral wrapped handrails and large floral columns are lovely, unexpected touches. Using trees, vines, and large floral arrangements to divide the space gives guests a natural feeling of closeness. A unique way to divide spaces is by using fountains. They bring a sense of the outdoors in and make a space feel fresh. Don’t forget to balance out all that texture with good lighting!

4. Light it up: Lighting can do more than set the mood, it can be extremely helpful in designing your space. For instance, up-lights and LEDs can serve as columns when set alongside drapery or a plant wall. Lighting can effectively divide areas in your floor plan when used wisely. At Art of the Event we host our own collection of lighting, ready for the challenge!

5. Think Lofty: A fitting ceiling treatment is the perfect thing to top off any large event space! All that head room in your large venue can either serve to captivate guests, or take them out of the experience entirely – what with the pipes or ceiling tiles hanging about. Consider the possibilities, whether it’s floral, greenery, drapery, bistro lights, lanterns or even chairs, the options are literally endless. So what works for your event?

6. As Above, So Below: Venue floors are generally not pretty. The carpeting or tile is usually chosen based purely on function, not form. We highly recommend that if the floor of your venue doesn’t compliment and fit into your theme, cover it up! Rental carpets and dance floors will revamp the large venue hall and aid in designing the space even more.

7. Use Your Imagination: Vignettes are the perfect opportunity to really take guests to another place and time. They can not only break up large spaces in creative ways, but they offer appealing photo-ops for guests and can serve as dual-function pieces. Art of The Event has done vignettes that house photo booths, go with trade show booths, and even contain sandboxes for kids!

8. Set the Stage: Backdrops are another clever way to segment your space and give an experiential bonus to guests, too. Not only can backdrops set the scene for your theme, they can be great photo-ops for guests to interact with.

9. Play with Size: When considering your florals, try varying the sizes of centerpieces. Use a blend of tall and short arrangements with complimentary colors to your overall theme. This is a great and really effective way to fill the emptiness in the room.

10. Add the Finishing Touches: Bathrooms aren’t often considered but they shouldn’t go overlooked. You don’t need to be extravagant, adding simple floral touches and customized soap bars can be just what you need to make your client feel like you’ve thought of it all!

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