How to Set Up A Tradeshow Booth

Have you ever thought of how to set up a tradeshow booth? It is one of the essential skills to create brand awareness in any event. Trade shows serve as bustling marketplaces where businesses strive to stand out and connect with potential clients meaningfully. Creating an exceptional tradeshow booth is the key to leaving a lasting impression. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the strategies and insights that can help you master the craft of setting up an impactful and unforgettable tradeshow booth.

How to Set Up A Tradeshow Booth

When it comes to trade shows, your booth is your stage. Here’s how to set it up for maximum impact.

Crafting a Captivating Opening

Imagine your tradeshow booth as a stage awaiting a captivating performance. Your opening paragraph should pique curiosity, conveying what’s to come. This guide will unveil the secrets behind a tradeshow booth that doesn’t just grab attention but holds it throughout the event.

Pre-Event Planning and Strategy

A successful tradeshow booth doesn’t come together by chance. It’s the result of meticulous planning and a well-defined strategy. Before the event:

  1. Define your booth’s goals, target audience, and critical messages.
  2. Develop a layout that ensures a seamless flow and engages visitors at every turn.
  3. Consider how each element aligns with your brand identity and resonates with your audience’s aspirations.

Visual Appeal and Brand Consistency

Visual storytelling is the language of tradeshows. Your booth’s design should exude visual appeal and remain consistent with your brand’s identity. Eye-catching graphics, banners, and signage are pivotal in attracting visitors from afar. Choose colors that evoke emotions aligned with your brand’s personality. As visitors approach your booth, they should experience a seamless visual journey that leaves a lasting imprint.

Layout and Flow Optimization

Navigating a tradeshow should be a delightful experience for attendees. Your booth’s layout and flow can make all the difference. Map out pathways that guide visitors through your booth, each corner revealing a new facet of your offerings. Incorporate open spaces for easy engagement and interactive zones where visitors can experience your products firsthand. A well-structured layout intrigues visitors, encouraging them to explore every nook and cranny.

Sealing the Connection

Your tradeshow booth is a representation of your brand’s essence and promise. You establish a connection beyond the event by creating an environment that resonates with your audience and addresses their needs. A successful booth leaves an indelible impression that carries forward, making attendees more likely to remember your brand and engage with it in the future.

Contact Art Of The Event For Your Next Event

Crafting an exceptional tradeshow booth requires combining strategy, creativity, and innovation. Everything from pre-event planning to design and technology integration contributes to a memorable experience that sets your brand apart. Art Of The Event’s specialized tradeshow expertise positions them as the ideal partners for booth setup. With Art Of The Event’s guidance, your tradeshow booth will stand out visually and engage visitors effectively, impacting your audience. Contact us here today for a free quote for your next tradeshow event planning!

Top 5 Tips: Make Your Tradeshow Booth Stand Out

trade show booth design

When hosting a booth at any type of tradeshow, you want to stand out from the rest – think outside the box! To create buzz around your area, make your booth arrangement and design unique. Think about creative ways to drive the people you want to meet over to you.

Here are our Top 5 Tips on how to run a successful trade show booth:

  1. AOTE tradeshow boothDEVELOP A THEME: Developing a theme is the first thing that should be taken care of. The theme sets your stage. It needs to reflect your business, communicate your brand clearly, and relate to what you are offering customers at this show. Think about your brand and your trade show initiatives- how can your booth communicate both in an interesting, comprehensive and visual way?
  2. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Incorporating digital graphics is a great competitive advantage we highly recommend. Displaying a clear message by branding booth accessories and videos of your product in action will attract attendees to your booth. Audiences love short-format, digestible content such as image slideshows and user testimony.  
  3. BE INVITING: Create an inviting booth where attendees will want to stay and converse with your reps.  Cozy seating areas are always popular and charging stations fulfill attendee needs. With all of the walking and picture taking tradeshow attendees are doing, be the spot they can take a break at and recharge. Brand your charging stations and welcome them to relax with you for a few minutes.
  4. BE REFRESHING: Offering guests refreshments or a bit of pampering can increase your ROI.  Coffee stations, mini massage stations, and free headshot offerings can help pull in visitors. They won’t forget the brand that took the time to take care of them.
  5. GIVE THEM SPACE: Be prepared for meetings at the trade show by creating a private space like a small lounge in your booth area.   If you have a larger booth, consider creating a VIP area where those sought after attendees can enjoy lockers, treats, and extra attention! More consumers are likely to commit when they feel like they are cared about as an individual.

Our expert event producers and craftsmen create unique tradeshow booths and activities for a variety of industries! Art of the Event offers tradeshow décor and design pieces, we also provide tradeshow and event management. If you are interested in our services, contact us at 781.670.9292 for more information!


Food Tradeshow – Dana Farber Field House, Gillette Stadium

Hometown markets inspired this food tradeshow held at the Dana Farber Field House located on Patriot Place next to Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA. Attendees were wowed by a 50’ ship standing tall in the center of the venue featuring custom nautical themed decor. Custom Store fronts were all made in house by AOTE expert craftsmen. A lobster shack decorated with fishing nets and lobster trap buoys represented seafood and invited folks to sit at the rustic picnic tables. A farmer’s market stand was used for displaying fresh produce and split wood whisky barrel entry ways added to that farm affect. Faux brick walls and columns were used to represent bakery, pizza and subs. Potted plants placed throughout for an organic element with a live cactus and pinnate introducing the Latino food. Large printed landscapes cascading down served as back drops to convey and outdoor feel throughout. All these custom design elements gave this event a true hometown market feel.

Trade Show Booth Design

Designing a tradeshow booth that respects your staff’s needs, provides great flow and best promotes your brand messeging can be a daunting task. Here at Art of the Event, Inc., we assist our clients by building scaled floorplans and renderings prior to our initial builds, ensuring every element elevates your trade show booth’s form and function! Our graphics team is well versed in creating large and small format graphics that meet all of your branding requirements. If you already have your Exibit or Tradeshow booth but need new signage, plant packages, decor or furniture elements to refresh and elevate your look, our team is always ready to help.


Why Art of the Event?

Our founding partners have more than 25 years of event planning and production services under their belts; You can be confident that your event is in trustworthy hands. We have a talented in-house team of designers, producers, fabricators, and artisans to create custom designs and interactive decor for any occasion! Contact us now to learn more about how we can make your event as fantastic as possible.


Specialty Bars
Specialty Furniture
Interactive Games/Electronics
Lounge Elements

Trade Show Décor in Wilmington, MA

Designing a tradeshow booth that respects your staff’s needs, provides great flow and best promotes your brand messeging can be a daunting task. Here at Art of the Event, Inc., we assist our clients by building scaled floorplans and renderings prior to our initial builds, ensuring every element elevates your trade show booth’s form and function! Our graphics team is well versed in creating large and small format graphics that meet all of your branding requirements. If you already have your Exibit or Tradeshow booth but need new signage, plant packages, decor or furniture elements to refresh and elevate your look, our team is always ready to help.

Why Art of the Event?

Our founding partners have more than 25 years of event planning and production services under their belts; You can be confident that your event is in trustworthy hands. We have a talented in-house team of designers, producers, fabricators, and artisans to create custom designs and interactive decor for any occasion! Contact us now to learn more about how we can make your event as fantastic as possible.


Marquee Letters
String Lights

Stand Out from the Crowd with a Custom Trade Show Booth



Trade shows provide a unique opportunity to boost your brand’s visibility, generate leads and create valuable industry and client connections Getting noticed at events saves you money and significantly benefits your business in the long run. A 2018 SpinGo data compilation showed that face-to-face meetings at trade shows are cheaper than in the office and that 77% of executive decision makers found at least one new supplier at the last show they attended. If your company hasn’t had a chance to exhibit at a trade show before, now is a great time to start!



From the planner’s perspective, there’s no room for a mistake – every detail needs to be accounted for months before an event takes place. For the design team, the biggest question is how to make your trade show booth stand out from the competition?


The great thing about trade show booths is that there’s always room for creativity. Custom booths are popular because they allow your company’s personality to shine, while also serving as a one-of-a-kind exhibit solution. When designing your custom booth, consider your brand aesthetic, target customers, and how they will interact with space. Use modular walls and a layered display to bring height and dimension to your space at any trade show.


The other key to making your mark the exhibit floor? Branding, branding, branding! Custom graphics and branding are a crucial part of your trade show booth design. Use bright colors and high-impact visuals to promote your brand and clearly display your company’s message to ensure that everyone who walks by, walks in.


Never underestimate the importance of proper lighting. Lighting can be a low cost and high impact way to accentuate key features, such as product displays and promo materials. Consider in-booth media for more interactivity and custom flooring for a fully immersive experience.


Be an observer! Take notes of the most impactful trade show booths you’ve seen before: what made them stick out? Whether it was the captivating demonstrations, the interactive elements, or out of the box graphics – be creative and think what original features can apply to your design.    

Thermacell Panorama copy 

Share your goals and ideas with our award-winning team of planners and designers at Art of the Event, and we can create and execute the perfect design solution for your trade show booth.

Event Decor Ideas for Boston Themed Events

Everyone loves a themed party or event, so if you live and/or work in Boston and you’re planning on hosting an event with out-of-town guests, then there’s no better way to greet them in this beautiful city than by putting on an event that showcases all things Boston. Art of the Event has created dozens of Boston-themed props for past clients, so we know a thing or two about how to really wow guests at a Boston-themed party. Below are a few ideas that will hopefully get those creative juices flowing.

Prop & Decor For Boston Themed Events

North End Inspired

Boston’s “Little Italy” includes Hanover St. and all of its authentic Italian food glory. But that’s not all the North End neighborhood is known for! Art of the Event can recreate the Paula Revere House and the Old North Church. Table centerpieces can include old-world wine bottles, vintage postcards from Italy, and other iconic props. Choose an Italian-American style menu and top it off with pastries and cannolis that will rival Mike’s Pastry.


Charlestown Inspired

Want a nautical-themed party with a historical twist to it? Art of the Event’s custom fabrication team can recreate backdrops of the Boston Naval Shipyard, the USS Constitution, or the Bunker Hill Monument. Decor can include nautical-themed furniture, seashells or buoys centerpieces, and ocean or underwater-inspired lighting effects.



Fenway-Kenmore Inspired 

It’s hard not to think of professional sports when someone mentions a Boston-themed event. We certainly love our sports here! Art of the Event has created NFL-inspired, NHL-inspired, and MLB-inspired events, including logos from our hometown professional sports teams. From replica jerseys hanging from the walls to sports-themed banquet menus, Art of the Event will work with you to ensure that every detail is perfect, all the way down to the shade of green on The Green Monster at Fenway Park.



Downtown Boston Inspired

Let us recreate Boston’s city skyline as the backdrop for your staged event! Our fabrication team can recreate Boston’s iconic statues, such as Make Way For Ducklings, the Statue of Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin, John Harvard, or Samuel Adams. Let us help you create an iconic and unforgettable event using 21st-century modern furniture, clean lines, and minimalist decor that’s sleek and sophisticated.

White furniture and white decor


Back Bay Inspired

From the Boston Public Gardens to the Boston Public Library, Back Bay is a beautiful neighborhood — perfect for drawing inspiration from. Your event’s table decor can include local flowers (arranged by our floral department) inspired by those found in the public gardens to create a dreamy and more intimate feel for your event. As the city’s shopping district, a Back Bay-based event such as a bachelorette party or bat mitzvah is popular for those fashion-forward hosts. Let us help make your event venue playful and colorful!

Flowers for wedding


South Boston Inspired

Ever wanted to host an event that showcased The Lawn on D? Art of the Event can make that happen! We can coordinate with vendors such as Castle Island Brewery to make your event a huge success. From replicating the Hood Milk Bottle to creating an edgy, industrial-inspired table and wall decor, our event design team will work with you to ensure your event goes according to plan.

Adirondack chairs


Unleash the Magic of Your Next Big Event with Art of the Event!

Are you ready to take your upcoming event in the Boston area to new heights? Look no further than Art of the Event, your premier event planning and design partner. With our exceptional expertise and meticulous attention to detail, we transform ordinary occasions into extraordinary experiences. It’s time to make your event an unforgettable masterpiece.

Whether you’re planning a corporate gala, a wedding extravaganza, or a milestone celebration, our talented team of event professionals is here to bring your vision to life. From concept development to flawless execution, we handle every aspect of your event with precision and creativity. We specialize in curating immersive environments, stunning décor, cutting-edge technology, and seamless logistics, ensuring every moment is a masterpiece.

Give us a call or fill out our contact form today! We look forward to working with you.

Letter from the President

New year, new hires, New Products, new awards, new adventures!

Happy New Year Everyone!   

We here at Art of the Event, Inc. are so excited for 2017 and all the promises it will bring.  But before we forge ahead with new events and projects, we thought it might be a good time to pause and share with you some of our recent news!!

New Hires:

364x364px_BillFormerly of PEP Events Management and Best of Boston, Ltd.,  Bill brings over twenty years experience in event planning, operations, transportation services and DMC management to our team. We are thrilled to have him on board for Meetings and Events Services! His vast knowledge of the Boston and wider New England markets pair perfectly with our design and events skills— bringing our clients and friends, even more, services and expertise.  Welcome, Bill!


364x364px_KenWe also welcome Ken Mayers to the team! With his extensive background in catering and sales, we knew Ken would be an event coordinating Rock Star.  What we didn’t know was just what a talented Event Designer he is!   With his impeccable taste, impressive styling abilities, warm personality and outstanding professionalism, we know our clients and colleagues will soon find out what we already know— working with Ken Mayers is a pleasure!  We’re so glad you’re here, Ken!  


364x364px_MaragretWe are equally thrilled to introduce Margaret Heffernan to our colleagues in the meetings and events industry.  Margaret is our new Production Coordinator and is she ever doing a bang up job!!  An experienced stage manager, Margaret is using her background in live theatrical management to coordinate our fabrication and production teams, work out our employee schedules and magically resolve various front of house IT challenges.   Great job, Margaret!!


New Products:   

When AOTE moved into our facility in Wilmington MA three short years ago, I had no idea how quickly our 45K+ warehouse would fill up!  From signage to theme decor, furniture and stage sets, all the way through to our table top elements and various fabrics, we have doubled our products already.   If you are interested in viewing new products or just brainstorming some ideas, feel free to reach out to either myself or Tom Kraig for a personalized tour.

New Awards:

I was thrilled to attend the NACE Experience Conference in Hollywood, Florida this year and accept a prestigious Nace National award for Best Event Production for myself and AOTE’s Business Development Manager, Tom Kraig. This award was the product of a great team effort by AOTE fabricators, artists and our front of house staff.  Thank you all so much!

I was also happy to receive a Brava Award celebrating “high impact” female business leaders in the Boston Area.  The write-up, as well as those of the other winners, can be found on-line under 2016 Brava Award for CEOs.

AOTE Travels!

Did you know Art of the Event, Inc’s great service, and products are both available outside of the Boston Area? We often do work throughout the New England states and islands. This past year we’ve traveled south to New York, New Jersey, and Florida. We even went out west to Utah and all the way to California to design and set up stage sets, tradeshow booths, and events for our clients.  If you have an upcoming event, meeting or tradeshow, here or elsewhere, think of us first, your total event solution!




Warmest Regards,

Gayle Gilberto




Large and in Charge: How to Decorate a Large Venue for an Event

Decorating a large venue for an event, whether it is a corporate event or wedding, is the perfect opportunity to think outside the box. It’s important to consider the entire space, don’t leave any area unnoticed. Large venues offer you the chance to really use a space creatively, but they can be overwhelming! Here’s our top ten checklist for decorating large venues:

1. Make A Good First Impression: The entryway will be the first thing your guest see. This is your first blank canvas. Consider adding some visual drama by creating a draped or column lined hall leading up to a grand entrance. The added element of anticipation will get guests excited! Archways, plants, and lights add beauty and depth to entrances.

2. Divvy It Up: Incorporating a variety of lounge areas, with different shapes and styles, is a great way to design the space. Having an assortment of seating and table options will help break up the emptiness and really transform the venue.

3. Be Natural: Find clever ways to use florals and greenery. Floral wrapped handrails and large floral columns are lovely, unexpected touches. Using trees, vines, and large floral arrangements to divide the space gives guests a natural feeling of closeness. A unique way to divide spaces is by using fountains. They bring a sense of the outdoors in and make a space feel fresh. Don’t forget to balance out all that texture with good lighting!

4. Light it up: Lighting can do more than set the mood, it can be extremely helpful in designing your space. For instance, up-lights and LEDs can serve as columns when set alongside drapery or a plant wall. Lighting can effectively divide areas in your floor plan when used wisely. At Art of the Event we host our own collection of lighting, ready for the challenge!

5. Think Lofty: A fitting ceiling treatment is the perfect thing to top off any large event space! All that head room in your large venue can either serve to captivate guests, or take them out of the experience entirely – what with the pipes or ceiling tiles hanging about. Consider the possibilities, whether it’s floral, greenery, drapery, bistro lights, lanterns or even chairs, the options are literally endless. So what works for your event?

6. As Above, So Below: Venue floors are generally not pretty. The carpeting or tile is usually chosen based purely on function, not form. We highly recommend that if the floor of your venue doesn’t compliment and fit into your theme, cover it up! Rental carpets and dance floors will revamp the large venue hall and aid in designing the space even more.

7. Use Your Imagination: Vignettes are the perfect opportunity to really take guests to another place and time. They can not only break up large spaces in creative ways, but they offer appealing photo-ops for guests and can serve as dual-function pieces. Art of The Event has done vignettes that house photo booths, go with trade show booths, and even contain sandboxes for kids!

8. Set the Stage: Backdrops are another clever way to segment your space and give an experiential bonus to guests, too. Not only can backdrops set the scene for your theme, they can be great photo-ops for guests to interact with.

9. Play with Size: When considering your florals, try varying the sizes of centerpieces. Use a blend of tall and short arrangements with complimentary colors to your overall theme. This is a great and really effective way to fill the emptiness in the room.

10. Add the Finishing Touches: Bathrooms aren’t often considered but they shouldn’t go overlooked. You don’t need to be extravagant, adding simple floral touches and customized soap bars can be just what you need to make your client feel like you’ve thought of it all!

If you need any assistance with your next event (especially in a large venue), contact our award winning event specialists at Art of The Event by calling 781.670.9292 or inquire online!


10 Ways to Incorporate Branding to Your Event

 Traditional and Creative Uses

If you have upcoming events or parties for your company, you want to make sure you know how to properly display your brand in the perfect way. There are a variety of ways to incorporate your brand throughout an event in both traditional and creative uses.

 Standard Ideas for Branding:

  1. Stage Backdrops
    • Having a stage backdrop at your event can help make a statement and grab your audience’s attention with this visual branding option.
  2. Entryways
    • First impressions are very important, so when your guests walk into your event, it could be a good idea to have the brand displayed at the entryway to welcome guests while letting them know they are in the right place and hint on what is to come!
  3. Floral Centerpieces
    • Floral Centerpieces and arrangements can be used as branding by having flowers throughout your event in your company’s colors! Our in-house florists know many different varieties to suit your needs.
  4. Elevator & Escalator Graphics
    • Another opportunity for branding is by utilizing the blank spaces on elevators and escalators in a hotel with eye-catching graphics. It works great for multi-day events where guests are staying in that hotel and you can relay your message throughout the day.
  5. Puzzle Walls & Signage 
    • Eye-catching puzzle walls and signage dividers are great ways for displaying products and materials. They also work great as event space dividers for all types of meetings and events.

Creative Ideas for Branding:

  1. Floral Columns 
    • Don’t go the traditional route with florals just being displayed on tables and buffet areas, be imaginative
      and string the company’s corporate colors throughout the event with Floating Frame Columns to use as room dividers, wayfinding and more!
  2. Custom Artwork & Bar Backdrops
    • Transform a reception space and custom design a piece of artwork to be a backdrop for a bar. Cover unwanted windows in a space with large graphics that go with the theme or are part of branding guidelines, opportunities are endless.
  3. Sculptural Pieces
    • Make a statement upon entering an event or tradeshow by making the company logo a sculpture!
  4. Specialty Floor graphics 
    • Most floor surfaces including hardwood, tile, carpet, concrete and brick can have floor graphics on them, this creative marketing method can help customize your event from top to bottom.
  5. Infographics 
    • A creative branding technique is displaying your company’s statistics in an infographic to show off your companies accomplishments!

If you are interested in unique ways to incorporate branding into your event, contact us at Art of The Event at 781.670.9292 for more information!


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