Summertime Corporate Event Ideas

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Summertime Corporate Event Ideas

Hosting an outdoor office party can significantly boost morale after a day spent inside the office or working remotely. Sometimes, it takes some sunshine and fresh air to feel re-energized. However, if the weather doesn’t cooperate, an indoor summer office party can be as effective and enjoyable for your team, regardless of the activity. Let’s dive into some exciting and engaging summer corporate event ideas.

Field Day With The Team

A fun way to spend time outside with your team is by setting up a field day with some friendly competition. Simple games like a water balloon toss, tug-of-war, or sack race can make the event enjoyable. All you need is a big enough space and some basic equipment you might already have at home. Your team will love spending time together outside of work and will have a great time. Friendly competition will make the day exciting and challenge everyone.

Spend A Day On A Boat

Another trend for a summer corporate event is a boat day. Renting a boat for the day can provide your team with a unique and enjoyable experience. Depending on the size of your group, you can rent a yacht, sailboat, or even a party boat. Organize fun activities like a guided tour, fishing, swimming, or water sports, and consider team-building games on board. Arrange for catering or bring along food and drinks to enjoy a meal together on the water. A boat day offers a refreshing break from the usual work environment and a chance for your team to bond and relax together. You can also choose a fun theme for everyone to follow. Happy boating!

Picnic In A Nearby Park

A relaxed corporate picnic in a nearby park can offer a laid-back yet enjoyable experience, giving your team a refreshing change of pace. Arrange picnic blankets and provide a variety of delicious food and refreshing beverages. If possible, host team games like tug-of-war, sack races, or a friendly game of soccer. The fresh air and outdoor setting will undoubtedly rejuvenate your team’s spirit. This will be a great bonding experience for all of your coworkers to get to know each other.

Host A Rooftop Happy Hour

Another summer company party idea is to host a rooftop happy hour, offering employees a chance to unwind and socialize. Create a vibrant atmosphere with music and drinks, allowing colleagues to interact in a relaxed setting. Transform the rooftop into an inviting space with colorful themed banners or balloons, and provide cozy seating areas with comfortable couches or cushions where employees can relax and engage in conversations.

Plan Your Next Summer Corporate Event In New England

Art of the Event is here to plan your next summer corporate event. From design to fabrication, we are your one-stop shop for all of your event needs. With over 30 years in the business, we will make sure your event is the best for your office. Start by giving us a call at 781-670-9292 or filling out our online contact form.

How to Set Up A Tradeshow Booth

Have you ever thought of how to set up a tradeshow booth? It is one of the essential skills to create brand awareness in any event. Trade shows serve as bustling marketplaces where businesses strive to stand out and connect with potential clients meaningfully. Creating an exceptional tradeshow booth is the key to leaving a lasting impression. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the strategies and insights that can help you master the craft of setting up an impactful and unforgettable tradeshow booth.

How to Set Up A Tradeshow Booth

When it comes to trade shows, your booth is your stage. Here’s how to set it up for maximum impact.

Crafting a Captivating Opening

Imagine your tradeshow booth as a stage awaiting a captivating performance. Your opening paragraph should pique curiosity, conveying what’s to come. This guide will unveil the secrets behind a tradeshow booth that doesn’t just grab attention but holds it throughout the event.

Pre-Event Planning and Strategy

A successful tradeshow booth doesn’t come together by chance. It’s the result of meticulous planning and a well-defined strategy. Before the event:

  1. Define your booth’s goals, target audience, and critical messages.
  2. Develop a layout that ensures a seamless flow and engages visitors at every turn.
  3. Consider how each element aligns with your brand identity and resonates with your audience’s aspirations.

Visual Appeal and Brand Consistency

Visual storytelling is the language of tradeshows. Your booth’s design should exude visual appeal and remain consistent with your brand’s identity. Eye-catching graphics, banners, and signage are pivotal in attracting visitors from afar. Choose colors that evoke emotions aligned with your brand’s personality. As visitors approach your booth, they should experience a seamless visual journey that leaves a lasting imprint.

Layout and Flow Optimization

Navigating a tradeshow should be a delightful experience for attendees. Your booth’s layout and flow can make all the difference. Map out pathways that guide visitors through your booth, each corner revealing a new facet of your offerings. Incorporate open spaces for easy engagement and interactive zones where visitors can experience your products firsthand. A well-structured layout intrigues visitors, encouraging them to explore every nook and cranny.

Sealing the Connection

Your tradeshow booth is a representation of your brand’s essence and promise. You establish a connection beyond the event by creating an environment that resonates with your audience and addresses their needs. A successful booth leaves an indelible impression that carries forward, making attendees more likely to remember your brand and engage with it in the future.

Contact Art Of The Event For Your Next Event

Crafting an exceptional tradeshow booth requires combining strategy, creativity, and innovation. Everything from pre-event planning to design and technology integration contributes to a memorable experience that sets your brand apart. Art Of The Event’s specialized tradeshow expertise positions them as the ideal partners for booth setup. With Art Of The Event’s guidance, your tradeshow booth will stand out visually and engage visitors effectively, impacting your audience. Contact us here today for a free quote for your next tradeshow event planning!

How To Decorate An Event Venue

Whether it’s a wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, reunion, or birthday, you need the appropriate venue to host your guests. Decorating the venue is, therefore, essential to create the right mood and theme for the ceremony. Decorations can either lighten or dampen the spirit in an environment. This means picking the wrong decorations for an event can spoil the setting. So, choosing the right decoration for the appropriate occasion is essential. This blog offers a step-by-step process on how to decorate an event venue.

How To Decorate An Event Venue

Pick The Ideal Venue

The first step to event decoration is picking a venue. You’ll want to go for an already beautiful place that allows you to add some personal touches. Some venues could also have in-house event planners to help you with decoration ideas for your event. They might also have a range of décor and props to suit your needs.

Consider Event Type

Now that you have the venue, it’s best to consider the event type before starting any decoration. If it’s a wedding, you want to go for a design that matches the color scheme and sort out floral arrangements. However, if it’s a birthday party, you’d like to go for a brighter and more playful decoration. This usually involves many balloons.

Settle The Room And Table Decor

The entire room should match the color scheme. This involves flowers, lighting, and table decor. This is to prevent any color contrasts that might ruin the feel of the venue. The table arrangements also play a massive role in setting the mood.

Consider Your Lighting And Entertainment Options

What is an event without good lighting and entertainment to keep people engaged? The lighting helps to amp up the decoration and provides a chance for people to take pictures. Sometimes, the venue has lighting and entertainment options, so you should inquire about that. 

Get Volunteers to Help

Event decoration could be challenging to pull off yourself, especially when working with a deadline. So, ensure you employ suppliers and get volunteers to help you put it all together. This even makes it more fun and a lot less stressful.

Contact Art Of The Event Today!

Decorations can brighten or diminish the mood at an event, so it’s always best to pick the right one. If you’re looking for a professional to choose a suitable theme for your event, Art Of The Event can help. They provide various event decoration services that’ll help spice up your venue. They’ll also ensure you get the decoration that suits the event you wish to organize. Contact Art Of The Event here to learn more about their party planning and decorating services!


How to Maximize a Small Event Space

Hosting a grand event in a small space can feel daunting, but maximizing the available space is easier than you think. These tips and tricks will make your event space feel larger than it is and make the most of every square foot. From casual gatherings to formal affairs, these simple changes can make all the difference for your upcoming event. 

Use Round Tables

Round tables are one of the most underrated space-saving hacks. A round table can seat more adults while taking up less space than a square or rectangular table. Round tables are also easier to arrange in a small area without feeling cramped because they’re easier to navigate around. 

Keep Things Clear

Choosing clear items like centerpieces and chairs is a super easy way to create the appearance of more space without actually having more space to use. Clear items allow you to see through to the other side. These unobstructed sightlines trick your eyes, making the space feel larger than it is. 

Light Colors and Neutrals 

Keep things light and bright across all your décor. Of course, brighter pops of color can be used sparingly, but light and neutral tones make any space feel larger. Table linens, drapes, and floral arrangements should feature lighter tones if you’re trying to maximize a small entertainment space. 

When choosing bolder colors to incorporate, choose just one or two to use in the design. Adding too many colors will feel too busy and distract from the light, neutral color scheme you originally intended. 

Get Creative with Mirrors

Adding mirrors to a small event space creates a reflection of the space, making it feel much larger than it is. You can hang mirrors on the wall or lean a larger mirror in a corner. Leaning a large, decorative mirror will make the corner look like a continuation of the event space rather than the end of it. 

Avoid Table Skirts

Table skirts may look elegant in some settings, but they make a small space feel smaller. A table skirt breaks your sightlines, making the room appear broken up and cramped. Instead, choose table linens that leave a clear view under the table so it looks like a continuation of one cohesive space.

Contact Art of the Event

If you need help planning your perfect event and making the most of a small space, contact Art of the Event to schedule a consultation. Our event planning team can turn your vision into a reality, no matter how small the space is. Don’t waste another minute stressing about planning your event; just relax and leave it to us!

What to Know Before Planning Your Engagement Party

What to Know Before Planning Your Engagement Party

First and foremost congratulations!  This is an exciting time for you and your significant other.  Now that the proposal is out of the way it is time to start thinking of another important task, planning an engagement party!  While you do not want to take away anything from the big wedding day, this is a great opportunity to practice some event planning skills.  Very similar to the wedding, you are going to want to find a venue, choose a date,create a guest list, send out invitations, decide on a menu, and stick to a budget. 



When it comes to traditions the bride’s parents usually host the engagement party.  However, in today’s world it is entirely appropriate for anyone close to the happy couple to take the role.  In the end there really is no right or wrong answer when it comes to planning an engagement party.  It is also not unusual to have more than one engagement party.  For example, if your parents wanted to just have one for family only, but your friends also want to celebrate you.  Two parties make sense if you live in a different state or city from your family.  

Set a Date

Whether you or someone else is hosting the event you are probably wondering when to have your engagement party.  Just like the hosting situation there is no right or wrong answer.  Obviously if you do not plan to host, being aware of your host’s schedule is important.  Availability expands beyond your host, you should be considering your guests as well.  That way everyone can make the appropriate accommodations and celebrate the next chapter of your life! 

Depending on the length of the engagement you may throw a party a few weeks after the big question was asked or a couple months into the wedding planning process.  While, it can be an exciting time you should take in the moment and your newly engaged status.  Waiting provides you the clarity to really picture the size of your guest list, style and location of your wedding.  Which will ultimately lead you to decide on the type of event you want to throw for the engagement party.  

Determine Your Budget


If you are the one hosting, be cautious not to blow your entire wedding budget on this one event leading up to your big day.  However, if someone else is hosting this obviously allows more flexibility.  Having someone who you trust to host is a good starting point as it will be easier to communicate with them on themes and the budget.  No matter if you are having a low key event or not keeping a budget is still a good idea to use as a benchmark.  Also, the more specific your budget is the more detail can go into your guest list, venue, and decor.  

Selecting The Right Place 

Of course when planning an engagement party one of the most important steps is finding the perfect spot to have it.  A home or restaurant are classic choices, but that does not mean that you have yours there.  Any spot from an art gallery to even a beach is fair game.  Just like your wedding venue, the place that you select should speak to the formality of the party you want to throw.  So, if you are thinking casually for your event a backyard might be perfect for you and your guests.  

Obviously, if you are having a hard time getting things lined up for your engagement party there are always professionals to help with your event.  Art of The Event will work alongside you to ensure that all planning, decorating, and hosting is taken care of for you, so you can enjoy your special event.  


If you are pondering who to invite to your event, just know there are no rules or guidelines for this.  The only tip to keep in mind is that any guest that is invited to your engagement party should be invited to the wedding also.  This is important because it will have an effect later on when it is time to add up wedding guests.  So really think about the size of the wedding you are planning on having.  If you are not sure about who you want at your wedding that is ok, keep it to just close family and friends so no feelings are hurt.  

Once you have a nice list of people that you want to share your special event with then it is time to send out the invitations.  It is important to note that when planning and sending out your invitations you want to give your guests lead time to ensure they can make arrangements to be there.  


Another aspect of your engagement party is the food.  No, you do not have to provide each person with a 5 course meal for the night, but there should definitely be something for everyone to sip and munch on.  Anything from appetizers to a full on buffet will work.  If you are not planning to serve a full meal, pick a time in between typical meals and make it clear on the invitation so everyone is informed.  


There is no need to give yourself a headache pondering what you want to do for your decor.  It does not have to match your wedding perfectly or at all.  However, based on your budget feel free to look into a professional event planner to work with you.  Art of The Event will assist with staying within your budget and creating and designing the perfect engagement event for you.  Their services range from design sets to full blow custom pieces.  On top of that, having a relationship with a planner will benefit you when you are ready to plan the wedding as they already know your taste!  

Plan Your Next Event With Art of The Event

If you are getting ready to plan your engagement party, first off congratulations!  This is an exciting time in your life and it should be celebrated accordingly.  Having an event planner can really help take the stress off your hands.  Our team will work with you to ensure that you have an amazing engagement party to kick off the new chapter of your life.  Get in contact with our team by calling us at 781-670-9292 or by filling out a contact form on our website.  We look forward to celebrating with you!

The Basics of Stage Design

The Basics of Stage Design

Over the many centuries of theater, all over the world stage designers have created their amazing art for plays, musicals, operas, and worship productions.  From a simple painted backdrop to sophisticated LED projection screens that can project almost any image imaginable.  The stage designer has always been an indispensable member of the production team.  So how does a stage designer achieve providing power to the performers?  We will go over some basic principles and functions that all stage designers follow.  

Tell The Story 

The main function of stage design is to support the story of the performance.  Stage designers must create sets, costumes, sounds, and lighting to serve the purpose of the performance.  However, there is more to the art than just recreating reality.  Usually there is a deeper meaning within the story that connects with the designer and the audience.  It is the designers focus to find the view and express it correctly through the art design.  This is where art departs from realism and the design becomes more powerful.    

An example of this would be a designer finding a visual metaphor and incorporating that in the stage design.  If the performance highlights frustration or restriction the designer may incorporate a brick wall to block the performer from reaching their goals.  This type of design can evoke a strong emotional reaction from the audience.  

Another example, would be costume designers, that create clothes that the performer would wear according to their situation.  This helps illuminate and describe the character to the audience.

Create The Mood 

The mood of a production can change throughout the performance.  It is the stage designers job to help support this mood.  The best way to portray this is through lighting.  However, the set designer must create a set that takes and reflects light so that the lighting designer can use it properly.  You can also incorporate moods with costumes.  For example, dark colors can help evoke a somber mood and bright colors can show joy.  

Create Composition & Focus

As stage design is art, good visual composition is a necessity.  This includes how large and small items are arranged on stage.  It also takes into account the line, form, texture, and mass of all items.  Composition can help create a feeling of order or unease, stability or chaos.  In addition, composition can be changed just by how the lighting designer lights and reveals the set.  

Focus is created through stage composition and lighting.  The lighting can help intensify and darken different parts of the stage to guide the audience’s eyes around the space.  How the light hits the stage can also be impactful on the audience’s focus.  In addition costumes can create composition through the combination of color, lines, texture, and value.  Combined, all the designers can create composition for each moment of the performance.  

Reveal The Space

The stage designer can dramatically change the audience’s perception of the space.  Reality states that the theater itself is usually located in a large black box called a theater.  Through the art of stage design, the audience can be made to believe that the space has magically changed.  All this occurs through the designer’s imagination and is communicated through craft to simulate the audience’s imagination.

As in mood, the space can be changed from moment to moment through creative and imaginative stage lighting.  With good production team work this is planned out so that these changes can occur.  That allows the performance to tell a story to the audience.  

A quality stage design enhances your event in a number of ways.  It is a great tool that can set the tone for your event.  No matter if you are utilizing your design to empower a speaker, enhance content, or even engage your audience, each detail compounds in the final product that it produces.  Having a team full of experienced professionals to assist you check all the boxes when putting together your next event can help you leave a lasting impression on your guests.  


Contact Art of The Event

If you are looking to set up or create an event contact Art of The Event today!  We have been working with clients to create unique stage designs since 2003!  You can get in direct contact with us by calling us at 781-670-9292 or by filling out a contact form on our website.  We look forward to working with you.  

Different Types of Stage Lighting

Different Types of Stage Lighting

As an Event Planner you want to make sure that your performers look good, after all that is going to reflect on you well.  Making them look good requires the right stage lighting when they are on stage.  Lighting can direct an audience’s focus, create a mood, and “sculpt” speakers and performers to make them stand out.  However, it is not as simple as flooding the stage with brightness, you should have an understanding of various stage lighting fixtures and placement options.  

6 Types of Stage Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to lighting the stage, and ultimately the subject on stage, there are numerous types of stage lighting to consider.  A good event production team can assist you to determine what lighting is best for your event and help you determine how to properly light a stage.  However, there are some stage lighting basics that you should be familiar with anyways:


Short for ellipsoidal reflector spotlight, they consist of a projector and a reflector which work together to direct light through a barrel and lens.  It emits a relatively narrow yet powerful beam to illuminate a speaker or performer.


The standard “bulb in a box” does just as it promises, floods the stage with light.  While floodlights are generally unfocused and not really controllable, they provide excellent stage illumination if that is what you are looking for.


If you have a subject that does not like to stand still then a followspot may be what you need.  A followspot light can be moved by an operator or software to track the person as they move about during their speech or performance.  



Fresnel lights were developed for lighthouses before being used as large spotlights at movie premieres and other events.  Now that they do such a great job at bending light at a subject they are making more appearances due to event production companies.  

Par Cans

Short for parabolic aluminized reflectors and called “cans” because the barrel of the original light resembles one. The highly versatile and cost-effective par can may be used to create either a narrow spot or a wide floodlight.  At events they are often used to fill parts of a stage a spotlight will not cover.

Strip Lights

Putting a dynamic speaker or performing on stage?  Strip lights are a good way to offer versatile, multi-colored, and effective illumination.  These strip lights come with a flexible circuit board that is usually covered with a hard gel that can be placed anywhere on a stage. 

 Now, all these types of lighting fixtures can seem overwhelming when planning  an event, but there is no need to worry when there are great production teams that will do that hard work for you!  These teams are great at working with you and your performers to ensure the event goes just how you imagined it to.

4 Methods of Lighting Fixture Placement

Now that you have a basic understanding of some of the types of lighting that are available, it is time to consider the placement of these fixtures.  This will depend on a number of variables, such as the look you hope to achieve, ceiling height, and the weight and throw distance of the fixture.  Here are four examples of lighting fixture placement.

Single-Point Lighting

The most simple type of placement, single-point lighting provides a natural look  like you might expect from the sun itself.  The light comes in placed in front of the object, and while it is an attention-getter it can also give the subject on stage a flat two-dimensional feel and look.  

Two-Point Lighting 

This lighting method places a light in front of and behind the subject on stage to give more a three-dimensional appearance.  Often, the light behind the speaker or performer will be a different color to add more dimension and sculpting.  

Three-Point Lighting

Using two lights in front of the subject on stage and one in back, this is where stage lighting techniques begin to get real.  A major benefit of three-point lighting is that most shadows are removed from the perspective of the audience.  

Four-Point Lighting 

Considering capturing the presentation or performance?  Four-point lighting is the way to go as it eliminates all shadows, which can look cool in person but be problematic on video or live streams.  Four-point lighting is the same as three-point lighting, with an additional light placed in front of the subject. 


Contact Art of The Event for Your Lighting Needs!

If you are looking to put on a state of the art event be sure to contact Art of The Event today!  Our production team has experience when it comes to setting up lighting fixtures to ensure that it compliments all performers.  Get started by calling us at 781-670-9292 or by filling out a contact form on our website.  We look forward to working with you!

How Flowers Make Your Event a Success

Flowers Are a Statement

When thinking about dressing up your event there is a lot to consider such as accessories, tables, chairs, and the decor items. Flowers are a very important part of the equation, whether they are used as center pieces in the design or as an auxiliary item to consider on the tablescape. Flowers are a statement. They represent elegance, luxury life and of course each of our clients personality.
Flowers can provide a wide range of colors, shapes, and volume that provoke feelings and memories. A smell can transport us to a specific day and situation, they can remind someone of a specific person or occasion. There are different ways to use flowers and greenery on each of the events, ways to mix flowers or use a wide-range of them to add some touches of color. Depending on the season you can take advantage of the seasonal flowers within your clients budget!

Flowers in Display

Watching the reactions of clients and guests as they first set eyes on the flower displays never gets old. A professional team will be able to personalize each of the events we design, we love to make the colors, shapes and structures fit into the vision. No matter if you are using a neutral color palette or a very bright color for a Ceremony we are able to merge different styles, flowers, structures and many other elements to make each arrangement your own. Light is a great way to enhance the colors and brightness of the flowers, as the “illuminating” colors.

Re-design Your Flowers

Reusing flowers throughout the night, when thinking about florals you can always re-design, using unique vessels/vases to give them a new touch and ambience. Florals are very malleable and we are able to make a completely new look with the same flowers. The variety of color is always very exciting to design and reposition on the events.

Contact Art of The Event

If you are looking to take the breath away from your guests when they walk into your Ceremony or event then contact Art of The Event! Our team is very skilled and passionate when it comes to floral designs to bring your event to the next level. Get started by giving us a call at 781.670.9292 or by filling out a contact form on our website!

What Entertainment Is Right For My Event?

So you are looking for a way to make your event one to remember. You want your guests to not just be entertained, but to have the times of their lives! Then a great idea comes to you to hire professional entertainment. The ones that will know how to entertain people to the fullest would be professionals right? However, the question is who is the right choice? Here are four things to consider when you are picking your entertainment.


When picking the right entertainment is knowing your audience. Looking at things such as demographic, age, profession, and most importantly the personality of those that are seeking to entertain. For example if the majority of your audience is skeptic it may be a better choice to get a comedian to perform. You want your audience to get the most out of whatever entertainment you provide, and that means dissecting the average audience member.

Event Schedule

The schedule of your event may not seem like the biggest deal when it comes to choosing entertainment, but it can actually have a huge effect on how the audience perceives a performance. Things to consider when planning your schedule: Time of day, other event activities, and length of entertainment. Depending on your act of entertainment and your audience people can only sit still and be entertained for so long. Consider the time of the overall events and if there will be time for audiences to eat or stand up and move around.

Size & Venue

Considering size and venue is another quick way to choose the entertainment for your events. When you think about it a lot of aspects can limit the abilities of an entertainer. For example a comedian is less impressive when they are only performing to 10 people due to the seating the venue offers. Certain forms of entertainment just won’t mesh well with the size of your audience and the venue of your event. Will there be a stage? Will the audience be able to interact? Will everyone be able to see and hear? These are all questions you should ask yourself.

Mood, Message, Manner

Lastly, you should consider the mood, message, and manner of your event. Consider how people are feeling, the message you are trying to convey, and the atmosphere in which the event will occur. Considering these three things will help you picture your event in its entirety. Leaving you with an event that is not just fun but one that guests will hold in memory for the rest of their lives

Contact Art of The Event

Having professionals entertain your guests is a great way to keep your audience involved and interacting. However, knowing the right kind of entertainers you need is the true test. Contact Art of The Event to ensure that you put on an event your audience will remember for a long time! Give us a call at 781.670.9292 or fill out a contact form on our website!

The Importance of Stage Design

Stage design, also known as set design, scenic design or productive design, is the overall creative look of an event. You can set any stage for success with the right scenery, backdrop, visual technology, furniture, stage risers, and lighting. Great stage design immediately lays out the tone of your meeting and your attendees exceptions. The scene you set can speak volumes about who you are. At the very least your stage design should always apply to your general session.
Ideally, the design can be incorporated into each aspect of the event. That includes the registration room, tracks or breakdown rooms, networking locations, dining rooms, and even off-site activity locations.

Stage Design As Branding

The first and most important element of stage design is branding. If you were to attend a Nike conference, you would expect to see their name and iconic swoosh logo everywhere. Incorporated into their backdrops, presentation graphic and video, digital prints, even lanyard and badges. Whether those specific items actually appear at their event is not the point. The point is that Nike understands the importance of incorporating their brand in as many places as they can. So, should you.

Visual elements

There is always a great effort that is put into every presenter’s speech. A quality audio system will assist to ensure that all important messages are clearly heard. However, it is important to understand that visual elements play an equally important role. Properly displayed content is crucial to effectively deliver your message, so vowing for high quality is important. Using multiple large projection screens or video walls will allow you displays are the right size and brightness.

Physical Elements

The physical element of stage design should include creative furniture. Why not have a custom lectern, or even a reusable lectern wrap, produced with your brand? When you are designing your stage, think about the appropriate height and size to accommodate all your audience. Once you have that figured out you then can accent the look with additional sections, and shapes.


A final but not last factor in the stage design is lighting. Obviously, proper stage lighting is needed for the audience to see the presenters. But, effective lighting can add a powerful aspect. It can be used strategically to heighten the audience’s mood and experience. The possibilities are endless from using static colored lights all the way to full moving lighting instruments.

Contact Art of the Event Today!

If you are looking to set your next event apart from the rest contact our professional team. We understand the importance of stage design and all the elements that can be taken advantage of. Give us a call at 781-670-9292 or fill out one of our contact forms on our website.

5 Ways Lighting Can Enhance and Event

Aside from illumination so that people are not stumbling around there are other purposes that event lighting provides. For example, a key component that event lighting gets used for is where the audience should direct their attention. There can be a lot of distractions that come up when you are at an event. One way to ensure that they keep the audience’s attention engaged on what is happening is lighting. Now, that is only one way to utilize lighting. Let’s go 4 other ways lighting can be used to enhance an event.

Lighting Directs The Audience’s Attention

Lighting is a great tool to tell people where to look and set the mood in a room. Specifically, spotlights are great for honing in everyone’s eyes to one spot. There are ways to use this tip to your advantage with being in control of what the audience sets their attention to at different points in your event. Keeping your audience more engaged and attentive to what you are trying to show them lets your audience get comfortable. By doing this, you are allowing your audience to experience what was intended in the order you want them to.

Changing The Room

Even with a simple lighting, it is easy to give those attending a different experience throughout the day. For example, if you are planning on having two speakers at an event it is a great idea to change the room to contribute to each speaker. This can also positively affect your speakers as it allows them to be themselves and comfortable. This is a great way to utilize one event with different styles.

Lighting For Décor

Most places and venues come with their own lighting, usually overhead lighting. This often leaves the room looking bland. Lighting is a great way to reinforce the theme of an event. Your brand or cause will have its own colors and with proper professional lighting it can be used to augment the theme. Some examples come in the form of LED lights or uplighting a wall with colors.

Lighting for Cameras

If you plan on filming an event or having any type of camera there you need to consider the lighting that is offered. Cameras are far more sensitive to lighting contracts than our eyes. If you have ever taken a photo of someone in front of a sunset you understand the problems it can cause. There are three disciplines of lighting: there is lighting for décor, theatrical lighting, and lighting for video. In general each one of these are more complex than the preceding one, which is why it is important to have a professional team.

Lighting for Presenter and Audience Comfort

Under the traditional stage lighting it is very hard for presenters to see the audience. This can make public speaking that makes it that much harder. A good fix is having lighting pan across the audience or dim lighting for the presenter to make out faces in the crowd. This will also make those in the audience feel more engaged as it changes the relationships between the presenter and the audience.

Contact Art of The Event

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How Can Graphic Design Help Your Event Succeed

Organizing a successful event can be a big difficult task. With technology advancing over the years more and more events are becoming digital. These same events are being promoted and organized over social media. Getting the most out of your tools can be the factor to take your next event to a new level. One of the great tools to utilize is design. Learn how design can create an amazing guest experience through audience interactions.

Standing Out With Graphic Design

A key component of throwing a successful event is of course making sure that people know about it and show up. There are many variables that make an impact on how successful your event becomes. While attracting potential visitors can be difficult, identifying a great identity that matches the right announcements can get your audience excited. Something that all large successful events have in common is that they value their event identity design. This goes beyond logos and banners.
To get the most out of your is to streamline all announcements, advertising, on-site branding, and more to create a recognizable and strong identity.

The Three Pillars: Concept & Design, Target Audience, and material

How do you identify a good event identity? Each evaluation of an event can be split into three categories and those are concept & design, target audience, and material. A good concept is a well thought out visual translation of your event and its visitors. An event should visually cater to your target audience more than your event’s program. These two things usually go hand in hand.
Depending on the type of work being shown, you can either tease or even create a mystery design. Great way to get your audience to want to discover the work on site when they show up. Lastly, there is material which allows you to show how your event is going to stand out from others. Some materials that events are utilizing are thumbnails, animated videos, social media banners, but going above and beyond the sky’s the limit. There are many additional things you can do to stand out such as building an interactive website or even creating an app.

On-Site Design

Once you have successfully prepared for the event does not mean the design has to stop there. You want to impress your target audience that you just worked so hard to get there in the first place. From concerts to massive festivals it is important to have your guests informed about time tables, directions, parking, etc. The last thing that looks good for your event is miscommunication.

Contact Art of The Event

If you are looking to separate your next event from ones in the past then contact our professional team. Our team at Art of The Event has the experience to take your event to the next level. We offer graphic design for our events through social media, banners and so much more. Get your event planning started by reaching out to us at 781-670-9292.

Different Stage Designs for Your Next Event

Most event managers and planners agree that a stage is the most significant part of any event. The feel of an event entirely depend on the stage. Stage designing is a complicated task that requires attention to detail and plenty of creativity to really make it stand out. It can also be challenging to find the right inspiration too.

Different Stage Designs for Your Next Event

You have plenty of stage design options to choose from in the market. Some examples of how you can decorate the stage to make it stand out include:

Corporate Design

If you’re looking for something corporate, remember that less is more. Evidently, corporate designs are for formal events and business presentations, which is why they shouldn’t be flashy. Over decorating your event can also distract people from the real focal point.
Most stage décor of a corporate event involves a backdrop that focuses on the reason for the event, such as a fundraiser, change in leadership, etc. The main focus of this design is the enlarged company logo and its slogan to line the back of the wall. Or if it’s a conference, you can set it up accordingly.

Creative Design

Creative events are when designers/planners can get creative since there aren’t many rules or instructions to follow. There are endless possibilities that you can choose from. An interactive stage with an over-the-top podium can help lend a little levity to the entire event.
If the gathering is more intimate, you can select a smaller stage to make it more interactive for everyone present. And if the event is more extensive, you should go for bigger stages to improve visibility. Regardless of your audience, creative stage design is one the most effective ways to impact your event.

Furniture and Props

Whether your event is corporate or creative, it will most likely have stage furniture and props as well. You should use these props to your advantage and choose the décor that complements and fits your stage design well.
For instance, if the stage is for a cosmetics or fashion event, you can incorporate different color schemes and vibrant décor or add multiple props that complement the event’s theme. Décor and furniture are an element that can enhance your stage and make good impression on guests.

Floral Design

You can never go wrong with a classic and elegant floral stage design. The vibrant hues and various textures add a beautiful ambiance to the stage and the event’s environment.
You can create a flower wall with varying flowers or fill different pots and items with flowers for a unique look. There are plenty of ways to get creative with floral designs.

Tech Design

It’s a deceptively effortless design that reflecting lighting with an elevated stage. This is ideal for almost every event, from performances or presentations. You can adjust the lighting and design different backdrops to alternate between various vibes and setups.
The wide range of possibilities makes it a popular addition to this list; many people opt for a tech-designed stage with a minimalist and sleek design.

Hire An Event Planner

With so many stage designs out there, it’s different to decide which one is best for you. Hire Art of the Event, and let us do the hard work for you. 781-670-9292

Why Do You Need an Event Planner for Your Next Corporate Event?

Event planners can be a blessing when you’re putting together a corporate event. Their job sounds simple until it’s time to see them in action. You should hire a professional considering the scale of this job. Whether it’s a freelance planner or someone working for an agency, their presence will reduce stress and relieve you of unnecessary responsibilities.

Why Do You Need An Event Planner For A Corporate Event?

When you have an in-coming corporate event, planning everything can be daunting. But with the right event planner, it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a list of reasons why you should hire an event planner.


Hiring someone when you’re on a budget may sound counterproductive, but event planners are famous for handling bigger events with a tight budget. They’re professionals who know where to cut corners to keep an event under budget.
The ones who have trouble sticking to the budget are newcomers with minimal experience. So, if you have limited funds, make sure you’re hiring a professional.

Industry Connections

An event planner’s ability to budget stems from their experience and industry connections. Often, they partner with various service providers that offer discounts for client referrals. They have a list of venues, restaurants, DJs, audio-visual companies, etc. This helps maintain a steady stream of clients for the planners and allows the vendors to promote their businesses.
Aside from this, you can rest easy knowing that their quality will be good. The businesses your planner recommends are more reliable than others that you find, leaving no room for error.

Smart Scheduling

This is the most crucial step when you’re planning a corporate event. If you don’t schedule everything effectively, it’s likely going to be more expensive. You may have a poor venue, or worse, you won’t be able to schedule an event in the first place.
Once you have a professional planner, they’ll guide you through the proper timing and venues to choose from. They’re familiar with the process and will ensure the venue is secure.

Creative Thinking

Event planners have handled plenty of events, so they can usually tell what can work in an event. Most of all, they’ll help you based on your preference and what will look best.
Depending on your hosting event or what goes well with your brand, they can customize accordingly. There’s a variety of themes, décor, and music that can make your event so much more special.

Everything will be in place

Event planning is a hectic business that requires constant email exchange and scheduling. The planners ensure nothing is amiss during the event and therefore work tirelessly to meet their employer’s demands. The process can be overwhelming if you don’t hire the right event planner.

Hire An Event Planner

When looking for an event planner for your next corporate event, keep these reasons in mind and choose professionals with the experience to handle everything without a hitch. You can rely on Art of the Event as we make sure your event runs smoothly. Contact us today for your next big event. 781-670-9292

How To Choose Game Rentals For Your Next Event

Events are not something we do every day. So, if you must hold one, you should do everything possible to make it memorable. Gaming should be part of your event to-do list. It helps to spice up the program environment and make it one to remember. As good as it is to include games for participants, choosing the one that suits their preference can be challenging. This guide will provide you with insight into choosing the perfect game rental for your next event.

5 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Game Rental For Your Next Event

Most times, there are too many options to pick from. To narrow your options, here are a few things to consider:

Choosing the Event Venue

Your preferred venue will determine the type of game you should opt for. It could be an indoor or outdoor event or both simultaneously. What is more important is defining the rules for whatever location you intend to choose. Outdoor programs give room for large obstacle courses and lawn games. If you settle for indoors, you can introduce board games, depending on the visitors’ choice.

Consider Space Availability

Limited space can be a significant limitation to your big event. So, when choosing the venue, reviewing the space available for people and game possibility is vital. A venue where attendees fill up the inner space may not allow mobility games. If you are holding the event in a large park, you can opt for more exciting and action-packed games. It is essential to manage the space properly to avoid guests spreading out.

When the event is happening

It would be best if you also considered the time of the year you want to organize the party. Is it during a holiday or on a chilling weekend? Whatever period you opt for, the time of the day also matters; it could make or mar your event. It is necessary if you want to choose the game that brings out the best in your guest. In the summer, there are suitable outdoor games that attendees will appreciate. The same applies to winter too.

Guests that will participate

Understand the program’s theme before deciding on the perfect game for the guest. There are many games out there, so it is impossible not to get the ones the attendees prefer. Therefore, take your time to analyze who the guests are and how best you can get them thrilled. This applies to every event type, including corporate activities. Virtual reality won’t be a bad idea for corporate workers.

What is your Budget?

All of the options highlighted above are resting on budget. It is impossible to plan big when you have a limited budget. Irrespective of the amount specified for the event, you will find games that fall within your spending limit. So, plan based on what you have, but ensure you consider all the above points to make your event successful.

Get Event Game Rentals in Boston

Attendees should never feel they wasted their time attending your events. That makes it essential to include exciting games in the programs. Art of the Event can assist you in choosing games that suit your event type. Contact us today! 781-670-9292

Creative Ideas for Your Next Trade Show Display

Showcasing your goods at an exhibition is not something that happens every day. So, when the opportunity presents itself, you must fully leverage it. Your objective in displaying your products is to get people to patronize you. Considering the number of sellers with the same products as yours, you need to stand out uniquely. We have come up with innovative ideas to help you attract customers.
Below are the things you should do:

Demonstration call Attention

Don’t just keep those products on your stand without showing people how it works. An interactive display is a marketing strategy that attracts buyers. It differentiates your business from other sellers in the trade show. It would be best if you never got tired of demonstrating. Research showed that product demos call buyers’ attention, especially on the internet.

Branding is Essential

In today’s business environment, branding helps pass authentic messages to prospective customers. It lets people know that they can trust your products. If you will be attending a trade exhibition, it is essential to have your business branded. It is not just about having a logo. You need a unique theme that creates an accommodating booth for anyone who will patronize you.

Stay within Close range of Buyers

Your booth presentation matters a lot. Trying to convince a prospect from a distance is not an effective way to get them to buy what you sell. If you must assemble your table, do it in a way that allows you to stay within close range of passersby. The physical separation will limit your opportunity to connect with your target audience. Your table should not be between you and the buyers to connect with them emotionally.

Offer Discount and Promos

Buyers’ purchasing intention usually increases when they see sellers offering discounts on some of their products. The excitement on people’s faces knowing they can get more at a discounted rate is key to getting more patronage. Offering a discount should not affect your profit if well planned. You might need to learn discounting strategies for everyone to be better off during the exhibition.

Offer Giveaways

Gifts are another thing that entices people. It does not have to be your products. It could be something people cherish that won’t affect your profit. An example of giveaway items is branded water bottles. It works like a magnet to generate leads for your business, and it can boost your sales beyond your expectation.

Let Art of the Event Assist

If you’re looking for assistance in making your trade show booth pop, contact the experts at Art of the Event! We have years of experience in all things event planning as well as creating some of the most beautiful and engaging trade show booths. Contact us today! 781-670-9292

How To Make Your Trade Show Booth Approachable

When you’re at a trade show, one of your main objectives is to promote your business. However, it’s also important to make sure that potential customers feel comfortable walking up to your booth. Here are a few tips to help make your booth more approachable:

Make a plan – figure out what you want your booth to accomplish

When planning your trade show booth, it is important to think about what you want to accomplish. Do you want to generate leads? Sell products? Increase brand awareness? Once you have a clear idea of your goals, you can start to plan how to make your booth more approachable.

Use bright colors and interesting designs to attract attention

One of the best ways to make your booth more approachable is to use bright colors and interesting designs. This will help to attract attention and make people curious about your booth. Also, make sure it is well-lit as this will make the colors even more attractive and will help people to see your booth from a distance and make it more inviting.

Keep your booth clutter-free and organized

Another way to make your booth more approachable is to keep it clutter-free and organized. This will help people to feel more comfortable coming up to your booth, as they won’t feel like they’re intruding or in the way. It also makes it easier for people to find what they’re looking for, whether it’s information about your product or service, or a specific item that they’re interested in.

Have someone manning the booth at all times

If you have a large booth, it’s important to make sure that you have enough staff on hand to help people. This will help to make your booth more approachable, as people will feel like they can come up and ask questions without feeling like they’re interrupting. If you have a smaller booth, it’s still important to have someone manning the booth at all times, as this will help to give the impression that you’re available and ready to help.

Offer freebies or discounts to people who stop by your booth

People love freebies, so offering something for free is a great way to make your booth more approachable. It doesn’t have to be anything big, something like a pen or a keychain with your company logo is enough to entice people to come over. You could also offer a discount on your products or services, or enter people into a draw to win a prize.

Contact Art of the Event

You want to make sure your trade show booth is effective so that you can attract attention and increase traffic to your booth. Art of the Event can help you with all of these things so that you can make the most out of your next trade show appearance. Contact us today for more information! 781-670-9292

5 Benefits of Hybrid Events

There’s a new type of event on the scene, and it’s taking the world by storm. Hybrid events combine the best of online and offline experiences, giving attendees a unique opportunity to connect with each other and learn in a variety of ways. Here are five benefits of throwing a hybrid event.

Cost savings

In today’s economy, businesses are looking for ways to save money wherever possible. One way to cut costs is by hosting hybrid events.
A hybrid event is a conference or meeting that is partially conducted in person and partially online. By using this format, businesses can save on travel expenses, venue rental fees, and other associated costs.

Increased attendee engagement

By incorporating different types of events, you can keep attendees more engaged and interested. Hybrid events also offer the benefit of flexibility, as they can be adapted to accommodate different sized groups and schedules.
Hybrid events allow you to reach a wider audience, as they can be streamed online or recorded for later viewing. This means that even if attendees are unable to attend the event in person, they can still experience the event through the use of technology.

Easier planning

As any event planner knows, organizing a successful event can be a daunting task. There are countless details to take care of, from finding the perfect venue to create an inviting atmosphere to choosing the right food and beverage options. And that’s not even taking into account the logistics of coordinating all the different elements.
With a hybrid event, many of these decisions are made for you. Instead of having to plan multiple separate events, you can simply focus on choosing the right hybrid event platform and then leave the rest up to the experts. This not only saves you a considerable amount of time and effort, but it also makes it more likely that your event will be a success.

Greater flexibility

Hybrid events offer greater flexibility than traditional events, as they can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your audience. For example, if you want to reach a global audience, you can include both an in-person and an online component to your event.
Or, if you want to provide a more intimate experience for your attendees, you can use a hybrid event to create a smaller, more intimate setting.

More opportunities for networking

Hybrid events also offer the opportunity to connect with a wider range of people, as you can invite people from all over the world to attend your event online.
And, because hybrid events are not limited by geographical boundaries, they can be held at any time of day or night. This increases opportunities for attendees around the world to network without jet lag!

Event Planning Professionals

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective and engaging way to host an event, a hybrid event could be the answer. With Art of the Event’s help, you can plan and execute a hybrid event that is sure to please your attendees. Contact us today to learn more! 781-670-9292

Logistical Tips For Planning an Event in A Private Home

Hosting an event in your home can be a great way to save money, but it also comes with its own set of logistical challenges. Here are some tips for planning an event in a private home.

Plan far in advance – the more time you have, the better

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should always plan far in advance.
The more time you have to plan, the better. This will give you time to deal with any potential problems that may arise. Make sure to communicate with your guests well in advance. Send out invitations early and make sure to follow up with a reminder closer to the event date.
Remember, sometimes things just don’t go according to plan, so it’s important to be flexible and have a backup plan.

Create a budget and stick to it

This will help you avoid overspending on unnecessary items and help ensure that your event is successful. There are a few key things to keep in mind when creating your budget.
1. Be realistic about what you can afford to spend.
2. Consider all of the potential costs associated with your event, including venue rental, food and beverage, decorations, and entertainment.
3. Ask for discounts from vendors and suppliers whenever possible.

By following these tips, you can create a budget that will help make your event a success.

Make a list of all the supplies you will need

No matter what project you’re undertaking, it’s always important to be prepared. That’s why, before you start, it’s a good idea to make a list of all the supplies you’ll need. That way, you can order them ahead of time and avoid any last-minute scrambling.

Choose a date and time that works for most people involved

When planning an event in a private home, it’s important to choose a date and time that will work for most of the people involved. Of course, there will always be some unavoidable conflicts, but try to select a date and time that will allow the majority of people to attend.
Keep in mind that weekends are usually the best time for events, as most people are off from work and school.

Hire Event Planning Professionals

By following these tips and using Art of the Event’s event planning services, you can rest assured that your next event will be a smashing success. With the proper preparation and execution, your guests will be talking about your party for months (or years!) to come. Planning an event in a private home can seem daunting, but with the right tools, it can be easy and fun. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today! 781-670-9292

How to Pull Off a Successful Corporate Event

Corporate events are glamorous and tasteful but they are not so easy to organize. Bringing everyone to cooperate and contributing to the success of the event is one of the challenges you might face if you planning one. But this does not mean it’s impossible to pull off a successful corporate event.
Do you have to organize a corporate event soon but don’t know how to go about it? Read on to learn the basic things to consider to make your corporate event a huge success.

4 Practical Ways to Make Your Corporate Event a Success

If you have a corporate event nearby, here are 4 tips that will make it turn out successful:

Start Planning Early

Whenever you want to organize a corporate event, it is essential that you begin your planning and preparation early. There is nothing like “too early.”
Making plans early helps you cover every aspect of the event to the minutest detail.
If you are planning a large corporate event, you can begin the planning four to seven months in advance. In contrast, when planning a small event, you should start planning at least two months prior.
Make sure that all the contracts for vendors are completed at least three weeks before your event.

Establish Your Goals

Writing down the goals for your corporate event can go a long way. Popular goals for corporate events are educating, appreciating, introducing new products or people, celebrating milestones, celebrating significant accomplishments, infusing changes in behaviors, etc.
The goals you have for your corporate event will determine the plans you have to make. When you have listed the goals you want to achieve, then planning becomes easier because you know what to work towards.
To achieve maximum ROI from the event, the set goals for the event should tally with the general company’s goal.

Organize Engaging Activities for Your Audience

Corporate events can be a tad boring, but luckily for you, there are ways to spice it up. Indulging your attendees with engaging activities will keep them interested and focused on the event.
If you can pull it off, organize activities that your attendees can partake in physically. Physical activities are a great way to get the point across, and they leave long-lasting impacts. As much as you can, try to get the audience to leave their seats.

Have an Exciting but Relevant Theme

Another way you can make your corporate event creative, and fun is by including an exciting theme. This will entice the attendees and make them curious about what the event holds.
Having a good theme goes beyond just making an event fun; it brings a sort of unification to the event. It makes everyone feel like they belong there.

Contact Art of the Event

Sure, there are many other things you can do to make your corporate event a success, but the tips above will go a long way. If you’re still unsure of what to do, contact Art of the Event. They are professionals dedicated to organizing and helping with corporate events. Give us a call today! 781-670-9292

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