How To Decorate For A Gala


Galas are glamorous events with fun colors, champagne, and sophistication. Quite a lot of thought, planning, and money goes into these events. So, it’s no surprise that the decor of a gala is a vital part of the whole experience. When decorating for a gala, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by many ideas, concepts, and colors. Your first step is deciding on a theme. This helps to streamline your research and create a vision. If you’re planning one, this blog will provide tips on decorating a gala. 

Pick a Theme

Here is where you get to choose the setting and theme of the gala. You could set off by choosing colors or concepts you enjoy. There is also the option of looking through pictures of previous galas. You may find some inspiration or clarity on how not to decorate your gala.

Choose a Corresponding Venue

Once your theme is set, you can look for venues that resonate. The beauty of finding corresponding venues is that you spend less time redecorating the hall or space. For instance, a flower-themed gala would be best held surrounded by flowers. So, places with gardens and flower decorations would be a good match. 

Utilize Props

The chances of getting a hall that fits perfectly into your theme for the gala are slim. There could be financial constraints or no similar options in your locality. With props, however, you can save money and work magic. So, if you find a venue that fits your location and budget but doesn’t look as aesthetically pleasing as you would like, rent artificial fixtures like fake flowers, chandeliers, and wall decor. This way, you can create your desired ambiance without paying for high-priced venues.

Be Creative With Your Red Carpet

One of the hallmarks of a gala is a stunning entrance and red carpet for pictures and memories. So, do your best to communicate the theme of your event in the entrance decor. Props will also be helpful if you find a hall with good interiors but contrasting outer decor.

Be Strategic

For instance, if the theme for your gala is pop culture, then you can have art pieces that reflect your theme positioned in strategic parts of the venue. Be careful to stay moderate, as that looks more tacky than classy. The point is to create an atmosphere that suggests the theme of your event without spelling out the words.

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Choosing to DIY any project is a great way to express one’s creativity and skill. Unfortunately, not all DIY projects turn out as you hope, especially those that require intricate details like galas. One foolproof way to watch your decor ideas come to life is by relying on the expertise of professionals like Art of the Event. They have a vast catalog of ideas to inspire you and the resources to create the gala of your dreams. Contact us here or call (781) 670-9292 to get started!

4 Trendy Event Themes For 2024

Everyone loves a great event theme. If you are looking for a new and trendy theme for your next party, Art of the Event has the ultimate guide. Read this blog to find out more about the top event themes going into the new year.

Barbie Event

As we all know, Barbie’s highly anticipated 2023 premiere was the year that turned the world pink! Get a glimpse inside Barbie’s dream house and touches of Ken’s Mojo Dojo Casa.

barbie event

Barbie’s dream house features her iconic pink front door and balcony views, as well as an outdoor seating area and a slide to dip into the pool on a hot summer day. Ken’s Mojo Dojo Casa house is equipped with Ken’s silhouette, dress-up station, and saloon doors.

A classic Barbie photo op would not be complete without a pink doll display box for guests to take pictures, accompanied by an array of pink balloons and signage. So join the club, turn up the heat, and let’s go party with Barbie!

Space & Exploration Party Theme

Make it your mission to party! This futuristic Space theme celebrates progress and exploration while taking cues from current trends.

Our oversized glow planet solar system ceiling treatment, coupled with metallic details and various-sized glow orbs, brings a neon intergalactic vibe to this theme. Stage designs can feature metal trusses with signage for an industrial look, as well as an array of thematic space elements like rocket ships and a blackout backdrop with LED twinkle lights to send guests into the galaxy.


Our floral “alien” centerpieces featured king protea, tropical florals, amaranths, lotus pods, and moss paired with more commonly found items such as succulents and artichokes to bring a unique look to each piece we created. Sure, you can google any variety of “unique specialty floral”, but take it from us and visit your favorite local floral market to really get inspired! Don’t be afraid to be playful, mix, and match – you’d be surprised how much fun it is to see your “out of this world” creative looks come together!

Route 66

Embark on an epic American road trip without leaving home! This theme celebrates the open road with rustic desert decor and roadside details like our vintage gas pumps and custom traffic signs. Relax in our Rest Stop lounge, or play some Carpool Karaoke in our vintage Bug highway photo op.

Retro Cool Event Theme


Tap into nostalgia with this retro theme from your childhood! Celebrate the 80s and 90s with retro arcade games, oversized props like our PacMan and Inky cut-outs, and colorful Rubik’s Cube Towers. Our custom 3-D Boombox bar in vivid blue, yellow, and pink was custom-fabricated to keep the jams playing all night. Cassette tapes make great centerpieces, which can incorporate fun giveaway glow sticks or slinkies for guests to take home. 


Utilize these fun elements and go the extra mile by incorporating a light-up dance floor or silent disco!

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